Located on Old Massett land and nestled within beautiful Naikoon Park on Northern Haida Gwaii, Hiellen Longhouse Village offers seven traditional style Haida longhouse cabins and a main Haida longhouse – all dedicated to providing comfortable and cozy pet-friendly accommodations for visitors to and locals from Haida Gwaii.

This facility was constructed by and is operated by the Old Massett Village Council Economic Development team.

The Hiellen longhouse village was built using our local carpentry apprentice program, cabinetry program, and our milling crew. All the wood (with exception of the plywood) was milled right here on Haida Gwaii! The crew worked hard to create a beautiful space for both visitors and locals to enjoy while on Haida Gwaii.

The group longhouse can accommodate up to twenty guests at one time. There are 10 rooms with a single bunk in each room. We do have extra mats should your party be greater than 20.

The group longhouse has a central kitchen with a cook-top, and fully stocked pots, pans, cooking utensils, dishes, and cutlery. The group longhouse has two bathrooms, one is equipped with a hot water shower, toilet and sink, and the other is equipped with a solar shower, toilet and sink.

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