Work Opportunity Program For Social Development Clients

The Team

OMVC’s Social Development team is here to assist community that may find themselves in financial hardships or to help them get back on their feet.
We receive our funding from Indigenous Service Canada. It is the OMVC BSDW duty to make sure that all documents and applications signed are to align with policies issued by Indigenous Service Canada.
We serve clients that are on Old Massett reserve which includes New Town.


While we support community for Income Assistance and Basic Needs, we also offer a few other services that help community when in need:

  • Support for shelter, food, and clothing available once per year.
  • Special Needs
  • One-time Hardships
  • Supplements through an application process. We submit a request for application, you take it to get filled out, and return it. We will then send it off to Victoria. If approved, you will receive a Monthly Nutrition Supplement.
  • Persons with Persistent Multiple Barriers (PPMB) & Person With Disability (PWD)
  • Funeral Costs

Social Development

  • 250-626-3343

  • 250-626-5630

  • 359 Eagle Ave,
    Old Massett, BC

    Box 189
    V0T 1M0

What to Bring to Apply for Social Assistance

If you have a scheduled appointment with a Band Social Development Worker (BSDW), please make sure to bring the following documents for your appointment:

  • 30-day bank statement
  • 2 pieces of Identification (Once with photo ID and one without)
  • Birth certificate
  • Driver’s license
  • Status card
  • B.C. ID

All forms and documents signed with a BSDW are confidential and are only viewed by the BDSW and Indigenous Service Canada.

Renewal Slips

Renewal slips will need to be completed by anyone who receives Social Assistance from OMVC. Renewal slips will ask if certain conditions have changed, such as work, living conditions and any earnings for the month. This slip needs to be done by the 15th of each month. Completed slips can be dropped into the box on the front door of the Social Development office.


Living Situation Eligible for (monthly)
Single person without children $560.00
Single person with children $700.58
Couple without children $857.22
Couple with children $951.06
Single person with disabilities and without children $983.42
If your current situation doesn’t fit with any of these categories, please see more information on income assistance qualifications using the following link: BCPRT – Income Assistance Rate Table.
In case of an emergency, you can apply for a $40.00 crisis fund each month. Please contact the Social Development Office at (250) 626-3343
Living Situation Allowed to make (per month)
Single person $500.00
Couple with children $750.00
Person with disabilities $900.00
If your current situation doesn’t fit with any of these categories, feel free to contact the Social Development Office at (250) 626-3343 for more information.
Yes, Social Assistance will continue to pay your rent and utility bills within the policy, however, you will not receive your basic need benefits; instead, they will change to a comfort allowance of $115.00 per month for as long as you are in treatment.
Before you leave, you must let your case worker know that you are going into treatment because if you don’t, you may be required to pay back the difference between the basic needs benefit amount and the comfort allowance.