The Old Massett Housing Department is responsible for a wide array of services. We mainly aim to help the community access funding or supports for anything related to their home. We also manage many residential areas including over 20 social housing units and a 12-unit apartment building.


We offer supports to help community members with renovations of all kinds including roofing, gutters and emergency fixes.

Health & Safety Upgrades

OMVC Housing has access to specialized funding to help with accessibility and Elders emergency renovations. We can help make spaces more inclusive for everyone.

New Building Subsidies

We provide assistance getting pre-approval for financing on new homes or builds.

Housing Meetings

Regular scheduled housing meetings are on the third Thursday of every month. Email your issues to us at or drop them off at the main office receptionist.

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You will need to write a letter to the Old Massett Village Council stating who you are, and what you would like to do (build a house). Here are some things you need to include in that letter, as well as other relevant information.

You will need the street address as well as the block/lot number. These can be found with assistance from the housing department, OR you can go onto the ISC website and look at the ILR system. {link}

The first member to have completed the housing application checklist will be considered. The Housing Department will keep a running list of all those interested in which property so you can see if there is interest in the one you would like.

Yes! You will need a house plan, as well as an approximate construction schedule in order to be considered for a property.

You have TWO years to complete this build, if you do not build the house within the two-year timeframe, the subsidy and property will be allotted to another individual; so please ensure you have the means to complete this project.

Sort of.

Meaning you will need to provide financial statements that support your capability to build a house. You will not just get $40, 000 to build a house, it is there for support, to add on to your existing savings. Providing these statements proves that you are willing and able to financially support this decision; and are taking it seriously.

Maybe not, but application processes have changed with hopes of a more streamline, clear and concise outcome.

Once you have built your house, you will then have to repay the money back that was borrowed and once your arrears have been cleared, you will then be issued a COP (Certificate of Possession).

Arrears are the monies that are owed back to the band for the completion of your home. This information will be put into an arrears agreement that will signed by yourself and the financial department of the band council.


Now you own your home! This means you have all the regular responsibilities of a homeowner. You will then have to sign a Homeownership Agreement with the Housing Department, outlining your responsibilities of owning a home.

You have to fix it.

  • Roof leaking? You have to fix it.
  • Windows smashed? You have to replace it.
  • Need a new porch? You are responsible.

*the only exceptions are if you qualify for any renovation projects, are an elder, etc.

The band can only perform band-funded renovations if it a band-owned home/rental unit/transitional unit. The band is not responsible for taking care of a bandmember-owned home. If you have your COP, YOU are responsible for your home. Please ensure you are prepared to pay for these types of renovations/responsibilities.

Yes! COP’s are important!

Once you get your COP you will also need to write a will stating who the beneficiary will be to avoid the division of your home into impossible fractions. That means you need to write who can have your house in the event of your passing. If you do not state who your beneficiary will be, it will be divided between your children, and their children, and their children’s children, etc. It can get divided into very small fractions of ownership and becomes nearly impossible for the band to help because we will need every one of those individuals to sign away their fraction in order to either demolish or sell the house.

Some properties have 72 signors! It is very important to have a will stating who your beneficiary is. Most of the abandoned homes left in the village have a lot of signors because the original owner did not have a will, so we are unable, by law, to tear down any of those homes. (Believe us when we say we’ve tried everything to relinquish those COP’s, it’s impossible without the signors signing away their fraction of the property.)

If you make regular monthly payments, we are able to put aside some funds for renovations and appliances in the future. This helps you with your upkeep and future costs. If we don’t receive regular payments, we are unable to set that money aside.

It will depend on what position you are applying. We usually require basic tools and safety equipment for most of our positions. If you are unsure, feel free to contact us.