OMVC Health Services Mission Statement

To be a healed community of individuals and families with members who have access to the services they need.

Vision for a Healthy Community

Our vision for a healthy community is a place where

  • All individuals have the opportunity to reach their potential

  • People are inspired to take steps to adopt healthy lifestyles and to prevent and manage disease through the promotion of healthy behaviours

  • The community supports the cultural, spiritual, emotional, mental and physical needs of the people

Vision for Health Services

Our vision for health services is a system that is effective, community-based, accessible and collaborative.
We believe that this will be best accomplished through the establishment of a community-based health care service with an interdisciplinary team of health care workers. This approach recognizes the importance of ensuring that care is provided by the right health care worker and facilitates accessibility to the most appropriate health care services, specialized expertise on- and off-reserve, and on and off Haida Gwaii.
We recognize the importance of initiating and strengthening partnerships with other health care providers and agencies and the coordination and integration of all health care services both through the Northern Health Authority, First Nations Health Authority.
We recognize the importance of local capacity building and the promotion of self-responsibility for the health of the individual, the family and the community.

Overview of Vision and Goals

We recognize the negative impact that historical, economic and social circumstances have had on all generations of our people. We understand the health status of our people today and the complex relationship between health and wellness and the cultural, environmental, social and economic conditions. We recognize that our vision and goals for the future are ambitious but they represent long term hope for the future of a healthier nation. Our vision establishes direction for political, administrative and program and service planning.

The realization of the vision and goals will depend on community leadership that maintains focus – supporting healthy behaviours that improve the quality of life for individuals, families and the community. We recognize the importance of strong community leadership that supports the vision, goals and objectives of the Health Services within an atmosphere of cooperation and involvement.


We believe that health is not only about the physical well-being of an individual but includes the cultural, emotional, mental and social well-being of the individual, the family and the community as a whole.


We will work toward our vision for a healthy community and improved health services by focusing our efforts on the following goals:

  • To improve access to appropriate health services for our people in the communities of Old Massett and Masset.

  • To build and maintain partnerships that enhance the capacity of the community to address all the determinants of health.

  • To create a physical and social environment that promotes the nurturing of children and youth and supports the elders and those with acute and chronic illness and disability.

  • To integrate, whenever possible, the delivery of health, mental health, social and education programs for the community.

  • To provide health services that demonstrate and promote respect for all community members, accepting each individual at their stage of the life cycle, where they are in their personal development and according to their specific needs.

  • To provide health services that identifies and focuses on strengths as a basis on which to build.

  • To provide health services that emphasize health promotion, health education, disease and injury prevention, and the management of chronic diseases.

  • To improve the overall quality of the health and wellbeing of the people by focusing on healthy behaviours.

  • To promote mental health and wellbeing to reduce the levels of mental-health-related social problems.

  • To create and support healthy families and community environments in which children and youth can thrive. To value each child and facilitate his/her development so she/he grows up in a safe environment with a sense of opportunity and excitement for the world around him/her and the ability to develop a healthy lifestyle and healthy relationships.

  • To provide every child with the best possible chance to grow up free from addiction and provide every individual who does develop a substance abuse problem with the support needed to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

  • To promote behaviours that prevent or delay the onset of chronic disease or disability.

  • To promote active involvement in community life through positive social support and interaction, participation in recreation programs as appropriate and/or participation in planning health promotion and social activities.

  • To promote activities that emphasize an awareness of health and wellbeing, encourage healthy behaviours and reduce high risk behaviours.

  • To improve the nutritional status of community members and increase the awareness of the importance and meaning of healthy nutrition.

  • To address the challenges of food security by improving access to healthy foods for OMVC members.

  • To improve access to traditional foods for OMVC members.

  • To promote cultural awareness.

  • To plan and make health care decisions according to the most reliable data available. To establish community-based health surveillance, recording and reporting systems to improve the quality and accuracy of the data available.

  • To ensure privacy and confidentiality related to all health matters.

  • To promote activities which encourage reconciliation and unity in the community.